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每个临床团队成员都收到了 广泛的ESA培训 and offer you an 情感支持动物信 下载 住房旅行 and full therapeutic care. We specialize in exotic emotional support animals.

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在您下次预约之前,可能很难等待数天或数周。 ESAD provides same day documentation 让您与您的协助动物一起生活和旅行。

  • 不再有不公平的宠物规则或费用
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Fly hassle-free with your pet, so long as you have secured the correct ESA信 from a qualified mental health professional.

情绪支持动物 免除航空公司费用,不得因品种,体积或重量而受到歧视。


If you have an emotional disability and your animal helps you deal with your struggles, then you and your furry friend are entitled to live in “no pets allowed” housing.

You're also not required to pay any extra fees for your assistance animal, nor have weight or breed restrictions imposed on you.



学院和大学必须遵守 公平住房法 并为大学宿舍和住房中的情感支持动物提供住宿。

ESA Chickens?

An ESA, in theory, could be any animal. So, let’s not discriminate against ferrets, snakes, alligators, horses … or even pot-bellied pigs.

So, if you're looking for expert and knowledgeable help qualifying your exotic emotional support animal, you've come to the right place.

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